AMA Superbike or World Superbike?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by XLR8, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. I like SBK best. I think the tracks are more interesting and the racing is better. But does anyone know why the announcer has to scream all the time?
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    I'm not sure about the reason for the shouting but I'm usually sure everyone announcing for the world events should be shot in the head.

    I'm gonna vote for AMA Superbike because I follow it much more and actually had the chance to attend a SWEET race weekend. SBK is definately entertaining but I haven't gotten into it as much. This is my first year watching motorcycle racing of any kind though and I've kinda been trying to budget my time. I've got the last 4 SBK races on my DVR just waiting though!

  3. In my opinion, World Superbike is way better than AMA Superbike. For one thing, there's more than two contenders for any given race. Plus, every manufacturer is represented. Since Walker won last weekend (Kawasaki), I believe every manufacturer has had a win this year as well. And I actually like the crazy SBK announcer.

    I still like AMA Superbike, but our tracks look ghetto compared to European tracks.
  4. Im going with AMA for obvious reasons!! GSXR GSXR!!! But I also like that fact that I can pronounce most of the riders names and the names of the tracks!
  5. Troy Bayliss. Say it with me.

    Now how hard was that? Mladin is harder. ;D

    Let's try another.



    Oh frack! Your right!
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    Definately AMA. I like the fact the the tracks are here in the USA, you can meet the riders and get their autographs and also the sponsors are local companies. I can't stand listeding to SBK so I turn the volume way down and just watch the race.
  8. We have Some AMA groupies
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    i am going to have to jump on the AMA bandwagon
  10. Tuff AMA is home town, but Super Bike are the Big Boys, but so is AMA. Its a Draw here. ???
  11. Welcome to the wonderful world of infield racing!

    I'm going with SBK. Troy Bayliss, he's been in seemingly every superbike series (British, Australian, World). He came in after Corser had a fantastic season, and Yukio Kagayama wasn't to be as wet behind the ears as 2005, and signed on an extra year into 2007 (at Corser's request!!). And yes, whenever Toseland get's anywhere near the lead, the announcer craps himself. Its just great racing... but then again, any racing is good racing. Unless its NASCAR- Non Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks.
  12. :rofl: