AMA Racing Changes for 2007

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Hozhead, Aug 31, 2006.

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    Got any rumors for AMA racing changes in 2007? Here are a few that I've been wondering about.

    1) Aaron Yates is looking for a new ride next year.
    - His contract is up with Yoshumira Suzuki at the end of this year.
    - Does he really want to go somewhere else or does Yosh not want him back?
    - Is he just hearing other offers to get Yosh to shell out a bit more money? :2cents:

    2) Yamaha back in Superbike for next year?
    - They're considering it but who will be riding the bike?
    - - Hacking? Ben Bostrom? DiSalvo? Yates?

    3) With Ducati factory support out for next year, will anyone (the current crew) try a privateer effort?
    - Ben Bostrom's current crew chief believes the bike is competetive and the rules aren't holding them back so maybe he and Bostrom can round up support?
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    I've heard that Kawasaki and Honda are dropping out of Superbike because they can't compete with the Suzukis. :rofl: :rofl: :neener:

  3. Whatever dude. dont forget ama is the only thing suzuki is good at
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    Yeah, it's the only wild card I have. They are pretty decent in Superstock and Supersport and up til this year have been really good at World Superbike. They really suck at FX and MotoGP. I guess Charmichael dominated on his 250cc Suzuki in Motocross but I don't watch that stuff. On our level all the major brands can tear up the roads and it really depends on the rider to make the difference.
  5. kawasaki is the one with the real problems,
  6. I don't have any AMA rumors, but here are my predictions (AKA wild guesses) for 2007 (as if you cared):

    Yoshimura lets Yates go because he is getting older, he isn't winning superbike races and he isn't the most popular guy in the paddock. Maybe Jordan-Suzuki will pick him up to help develop their bike.

    Yamaha doesn't join Superbike.

    No private teams run a Ducati in AMA Superbike in 2007.

    Pedrosa easily beats Hayden.

    Capirossi makes a serious run for the title.

    Gibernau reaches new lows.

    Biaggi returns to MotoGP and is competitive.

    Hodgson returns to British Superbike.

    Bayliss wins another SBK title.
  7. ALl Bikes are evenually matched as they can get. Some People just Cant Rip Out 25 Perfect Laps. Geez whats wrong with those Guys. They Should Have to Switch To Different Bikes After A Couple Years J/K.