AMA Legalizes Traction Control - Effective Immediately

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    This is from (

    AMA Pro Racing Legalizes Traction Control
    Jul 17, 2006

    Copyright 2006, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.

    Following a meeting and vote of the AMA Rules Committee in Ohio last Thursday, and subsequent ratification by the AMA Board of Directors, AMA Pro Racing has issued a Competition Bulletin making Traction Control legal, effective immediately. Any type of traction control is now legal in the Superbike and FX classes, including the type that requires use of a front-wheel speed sensor--an example being the system used by Ducati in World Superbike.

    Traction control that doesn't use non-stock sensors--an example being the BPD system used by Jordan Motorsports Suzuki at Barber--is now legal in Superstock and Supersport. Traction control systems that use standard sensors only are available for about $8500 per motorcycle.

    The text of the Competition Bulletin follows:

    All Road Race Licensed Riders and Season Credential Holders

    FROM: Kevin Crowther, Director of Technical Development

    DATE: July 17, 2006

    SUBJECT: Effective immediately replace rule E.23.A pg 36 with:

    a. For Superstock and Supersport, any form of engine control system that
    can actively change the performance/acceleration of the engine using
    input from any sensors that are not OEM on the motorcycle, to create a
    situation of better traction at the rear wheel at any time while the
    motorcycle is being ridden is prohibited.

    Should you have any questions concerning this information, please

    Kevin Crowther at (614)856-1900 ext1230 or
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    Any thoughts on this one?

    In my opinion, it makes it far more difficult for privateers to compete in Forumla Extreme and Superbike because traction control is cost prohibiitive. We may end up with privateers only competing in Super Sport and Super Stock and I feel like that would be a shame.

  3. Hmm this is a hard call. World Superbike has it but to my knowledge they don't all use it or use it effectively. F1 has it so it's not just for pussies.

    However, yea I think it's going to hurt the AMA Superbike racing which is already struggling. If more riders drop out and go to the other classes who will be racing in Superbike? Ben, Matt, Jake, Miguel? :)

    How much does one of these systems cost anyway?