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  1. Im looking for some riding boots. I would like to get some alpinestars. I dont know exactly what to look for. People who have them, if you can share or suggest one. Some info about them, what you have found to be good and bad etc... All the info from personal experience wearing and using them would be great. Thanks.
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  2. have you looked at Sidi boots?

  3. I'm rockin the built boots from cycle gear as are a handful of people I know. Decent boot at a fraction of the cost. I think thy are like $70 right now, and a really decent boot. Pretty comfortable too:2cents:
  4. spend the little extra and get something better quality.
  5. I have been wearing the A-stars W.E.B. gore tex boots for years, current pair is 7 years old and starting to wear out. I wear them on a daily basis for commuting. I also wear the SMX-5 boots from A-stars when the pace picks up. They are very comfortable and come in a size 14, so they fit me.
  6. SMX-Plus

    I had the SMX-Plus A* boots for about three years. GREAT quality boot, but made this popping sound from the plastic reinforcment in the ankle area.

    Top shelf boot, just under what Nicky Haden and those guys run in MotoGP.

    Down side? $350!

    I sold them after wearing them on occasion, for $200.
  7. Nice keep em coming!

    After seeing a disturbing pic of someones foot/leg. Saving money is not as big of a deal. Quality that will save my foot/leg going down is what Im looking for. I dont mind spending $250-$500 if need be. Looking around online as we speak for boots on the market. I've looked at some sidi/a* so far. Pants too, i will need to look into as well as back and chest protectors. Damn though! The joy of riding a mc is getting expensive ha ha.
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  8. I talked to a few people whose opinions I trust before I bought mine. All of them said they would trust them in an accident. I have also seen an ankle injury first hand. I had a roomate back in 07 that was wearing tennis shoes that lost his ankle when he laid his cbr down in 07. I found the anke bone stuckto the bike when I went to pick it up.
  9. Thats good to know, thank you. I will have a look at those boots also. Thats insane how you found the ankle bone on the bike! How was his injury? After seeing that pic, I really want to get boots asap.
  10. I've had the SMX boots for a couple of years now. I love them. Very comfortable on the bike. I'm 6'6" and wear a size 13 and I have had no issues with them. With my height the thinner soles are a must. I would recommend them to anyone. :dblthumb:
  11. Don't forget about Arlen Ness boots. They run $228 but they are awesome!!
  12. I'm pretty sure when the rar brake lever bent backwardsit was what shoved his ankle out the side of his leg. It was pretty nasty. I had just gotten in the sport bike scene and it scared me for a bit
  13. Sidis are considered the "high end" brand of boots. Very good but priced accordingly. Have not owned Sidis. A-Stars SMX Plus... Also high end but in a Porsche to a Viper type of way. I loved them. They were always comfortable and I think they are the best looking as well as the Sidis. If you want A-Stars you wont be disappointed and can save some $$ by getting SMX5 vs SMX Plus. I currently wear Frank Thomas. They are comfortable and stylish. I bought them because my gloves, jacket, 1-Piece Race Suit were FT..LOL. THe Builts that pimpit is taliking about are an effective boot. They dont sweep the appearance class but you cant beat the price. They are far better than nothing. If its those or nothing... Builts FTW!! To fairly balance saftey, style and brand whoring... I say get the SMX-5
  14. I will check out Arlen Ness also. Thanks.

    Looks like alpinestars smx 5 or smx plus are a majority of people going with based on this thread and my research, when it boils down to a* gear. Good to know which ones in their line up are getting good reviews from people.

    Still doing some more research on boots... Sidi's are looking really good though. I have the money for them right now... I'm thinking why not. Protections is a must, I just dont know if sidi would be overkill on the street especially for a new rider lol... I have also read, comfort wise between the A* and Sidi's, sidi's tend to me more comfortable.

    It's kind of a bummer no one in town carries sidi, so I can try them on. Even if I did, I doubt they would have them in my size ha ha.

    Anyone know how accurate sizings are on a* and sidi compared to normal shoes... Also, since I have never worn riding boots... based on the temperatures we have here from the begining of the riding season to end, should I be considering vented boots or non vented? Thanks.
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  15. my Sidi's are true to size. If you wanna ride out, you can try them on. they are a size 46 i think. i'll have to double check.
    I would say get vented. even if it's cool out, your feet won't get really cold or anything. and they are nice when its hot.
  16. Go with Sidi over A*. Not only are the Sidi's lighter but they are way more comfortable. As someone who has lots toes in an accident, I wouldn't trust the rubber tops on the A*s. I even melted that part on my exhaust one ride.

    Another plus on Sidi, you can replace every part of that boot. We have 2 dealers here in town - Big Twin and the old KTM Motosports on Overland. Cycle gear can order the boots for you too.
  17. I bought Sidis as a returning rider. I hadn't riddern for about 5 years and when I bought my 06 R6 I knew that I eventually wanted to make it to the track, so I bought gear that would be track-quality. My Sidis went down with me 6 times (4 of which were on the track above 70 MPH) and I had some NASTY Heel-slaps and toe-kicks into the pavement, I wasn't sore once. One of those times I was t-boned by an old lady in a Buick texting her grandson. It was slow speed, but she hit me in the ankle with her bumper and it knocked the bike out from under me, my wrist was the only victim of that one. I also have A* dirt riding boots (Tech 8), they are rugged to say the least. I'd buy either brand, but there's just something about Sidi........ I wouldn't purchase with the mindset that "It's overkill, I'm only a beginning rider", I'd go at it thinking "This is an investment in a life-long passion and I intend to be a great rider some day". Your development will never stop providing that you keep an open mind and are always willing to learn, your equipment can't instantly morph into better equipment when you are feeling your oats or start pushing your limits (which you shouldn't do on the street anyway).
  18. to the OP. If you are shopping for boots, and decide to go with the astars smx+ I have a pair in a 42 i believe. too small for me so will let them go for cheap as I need a new pair that fit. let me know.
  19. Stubby has lots of toes??? So why do we call you stub.... Oh I get it, my bad...:rofl:
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