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  1. Is there any reason I shouldnt buy AGV leathers. They seem to Be a good Price and I like there helmets. Just wondering if anyone had them and had any complaints. Who Has AGV around here that I could try on to compare sizes?
  2. I haven't but I will say, don't buy leathers cause they are cheap. At 160MPH what would your family want you wearing?

    You want something with good thinkness and good stitching. You could get a suit for $700 with those 2 things, give or take.

  3. KWOOD I have A one piece set you can look at and try on if you would like. Just give me a call 573-4099l.
  4. Well as some of you know i just received leathers. They are AGVs and they feel and look great to my little knowledge of leathers. I'm not planning on doing over 160mph, actually i'm planning on backing off this year other than on track days! :finger:

    But i'm hopeing that i won't have to crash these leathers to find out how durable they are. :angel:

    So far i give these leathers :dblthumb:

    O yeah it's a TWO PIECE!! :flipa