About to be scarred!

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by Hozhead, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Hozhead

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    A picture is worth a $1000 words. Too bad its not worth $10,000 of skin grafts.
  2. OUCH!!! That's gonna leave a mark. :slap:

  3. that is terrible I dont even know what to say
  4. BUMP

    just looking back threw all of the pixs and saw this one...thot i'd bump it for the new guys
  5. Tanman

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    If you look closely you can see the chick's toes already scraping the ground. I'm sure those flip-flops aren't providing much protection. :help:
  6. Gonna tickle, thats for sure.
    I wonder if she is mutilated and ugly now?
  7. Hozhead

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    The picture even make "Parting Shot" (picture at the end of the magazine) for either Sport Rider or Motorcyclist recently. I'll have to dig the issue out (of the rack in the bathroom) to tell you which month though.
  8. Mama Always said stupid is as stupid does.
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    Oct Sport Rider. They make mention of how it might have seemed like a good idea to go without gear, but don't...

    That can only end up very bad!
  10. All I have to say is if is too hot to gear up than it is too hot to ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I forgot where, but I saw a post by the guy to claimed to have taken that picture. He was one of those guys who takes shots of people and posts them on a website for sale. Anyhow, he said they were lucky and didn't get seriously hurt.
  12. Thats insane i dont see how they walked away without getting serously hurt...