A gift for the roll away

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by mkb, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. My roll away was lonely and my cbr was getting a lumpy idle, problem solved!

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  2. Is it hard to sync the carbs?

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    Woo-hoo!! Party at MKB's place!!!

    How much did that set you back? I've considered making a home-made one but I've never gotten around to it.
  4. It cost around $115 with a soft case. I was going to make one but i like buying new tools so i just bought one instead. I didn't want to mess with a merc sync, that stuff is nasty. I wanted to be able to sync my carbs at 4k rpm and i can do that with the Carb Tune. As far as syncin' goes its very easy to do. What takes the most time is getting to the carbs/throttle bodies.
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    Yep, that's why I'll be doing it this winter when I still have everything apart after pulling the motor to do the valves.
  6. Whats wrong with your valves?
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    I'm over 21,000 miles and I'm sure the previous owner never had the valve clearance checked. Its overdue.

    I still may pay someone to shim the valves but I'll definately be pulling the motor myself. I'm 90% sure I'll just learn how to do the valves though since I don't like paying someone else to work on things I can handle and I don't trust that many people will do as thorough a job as I would. About the only time I've ever paid someone to work on anything mechanical was a transmission rebuild (two actually) since the specialized tools would cost too much for it to be worthwhile.
  8. Are you adjusting your valves or replacing them? The valves on Hondas 600 motors do not move more than .001 after break in adjustment. I just shecked mine, one was off .001 still within specs and the bike has almost 10k on it. My friend put 40k on his f3 before he had any valve go out of spec. Honda build quality is #1. You can pack some serious miles on those 600's.
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    I'm just checking the clearance and general condition.
    I don't doubt Honda quality but I do doubt the responsibility and maintenance habbits of previous unknown owners. Especially when the first owner totalled the bike in the first month he owned it!
  10. An hour to get to the valves, 15 minutes to check. You spend more time taking fairings seat tank and misc. off, i guess thats the price you pay for having a 90- 100 hp 400lb motorcycle (90-100hp for us 600 owners). I almost have my f3 back together. I've been working on my addition to my house and building my shop so the 600 has just been resting in the garage. If i had it finished i wouldn't get anything done except riding.

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