A Damn good looking starter bike!!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Hozhead, Apr 27, 2006.

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    I was in Carl's today checking out helmets when I spotted a new Suzuki GS500F. I couldn't believe my eyes. A reasonable starter bike available in the US that isn't fugly and 10 years out dated!

    I checked the Suzuki site tonight and it looks like this new version has been available since 2004 so there should be used ones available as well. I'm not surprised that I haven't seen one on the road since we don't have many people on smaller bikes here (on a side note, I saw a newb trying to decide between the 1000RR and the GSX-R 750 :rolleyes ). I've been in that dealership plenty of times and this is the first time I've seen a bike under 600cc there.

    Hell, if I see one used I'll probably snag it as a commuter bike and something I can teach my wife on. I like the yellow from '04.
  2. Micheals Powersports in caldwell has one. I've been seriously considering it for a good commuter/starter bike. I've pretty much narrowed it down to the Gs550f or the 500 Ninja. The Ninja I can pick up for about $400 cheaper but I kinda like the Gs. Any thoughts?

  3. Find a used naked one


    It's the same bike, they have been around for years, The body work is nice but expensive to replace.

    Some clubman bars or clip-ons, a little stuff here and there and you have a unique cafe bike instead of the same ol full fairing stuff everyone else has
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    I've liked the naked GS500 for years but if a person is wanting the sport bike look, the GS500F is the way to go.
    Choosing between the Ninja 500 and the Suzuki 500 is an easy one for me. The extra $400 for the Suzuki is well worth it to not have a new bike that already looks 10 or 15 years old.
  5. It's to bad that the ex500 is a better bike for the money.
  6. I used to ride the GS500E it was a good bike had a lot of fun on it
  7. Thanks for the advice guys. Thats kinda the way i was leaning but it never hurts to have another opinion. I think I'll go do a bit of droolin' tomorrow.
  8. If you'd like, i have a 2001 GS500E you could ride, to see if you like it.

    It is my first motorcycle, I've had it since last spring, and LOVE it.
  9. Why don't you bring it out o bogus tonite ;D
  10. I really appreciate the offer. Maybe sometime later this summer. right now I am packing to leave town for work tomorrow. I should be back every couple of weeks or so. Maybe later. If the offer is still available I think I'll be back for a couple days the weekend of June third.
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    It looks like we're drawing the kind of crowd I had hoped for this website. Good, honest people who enjoy riding and want to make friends and help each other out.
  12. And me. You forgot to mention me.
  13. Thanks - but I just discovered this board yesterday and had already made plans. Don't think I'd keep up with you guys, anyway...
  14. Offer will stand until whenever (or next spring, when I plan on selling it and buying a new ??? (sv650, z750s)...
  15. I think you could keep up just fine, hell you probably could have passed me