94 Honda CBR600 F2-$2,500 *SOLD*

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Kwood The One, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. The Bike Has 15,200 Miles New Tires,Mirrors,Battery Vance&Hines Exhaust (all less than a Year Old). $2,500 for bike. $2,900 with nearly new Black Helmet,Black riding Jacket and Gloves. PM Me or Email lchu06@hotmail.com (im Helping Someone Sell It)
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    Re: 94 Honda CBR600 F2

    That bike has The Pedal-er written ALL OVER IT!! :dblthumb:

  3. Re: 94 Honda CBR600 F2

    I was all for it until the pic loaded, I dont need a pink bike
  4. Re: 94 Honda CBR600 F2

    Guys Look Past the Pink. Just paint It (candy Paint). I think It could Be Perfect For the Pedal-er
  5. Re: 94 Honda CBR600 F2

    How fun would it be to take that to the track and pass people on a pink bike :rofl: Looks good!
  6. Re: 94 Honda CBR600 F2-$2,500

    My girlfriend would flip out over the color! Maybe I'll get it for her, that was get her into the riding thing :)
  7. Re: 94 Honda CBR600 F2-$2,500

    Hey is that the same pink bike that sits out at BSU some times?
  8. Re: 94 Honda CBR600 F2-$2,500

    yes It Is. Ohhhh By the Way It was Just Sold!! youll Just Have to Paint another Bike pink If you want one
  9. Re: 94 Honda CBR600 F2-$2,500

    Hell I was looking at it for my wife lol..
  10. Think it would bring out my eyes! :rofl:
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