94 GSXF 750 for sale- $1,900 reduced again!!

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  1. My bike just got back from rebuild, and due to me needing the moola to do some home repair, it's for sale. Semi-race riding position, comfy for long canyon runs.

    I checked the bolts, other than the valve cover bolts being loose, all is well.
    Runs like a bat out of hell, solid torque at 4k rpm, rips from 7k-12k rpm

    I had the bike, paid $2k for the fix-up ( I have a detailed receipt), the plastic needs doing.
    tank, seat, shield were $260.

    3mm overbore, now it is a 813cc, has about 1,200 miles on it
    New Pistons/rings
    new main bearings
    new valves
    gas tank sealed
    redone seat
    ZG screen
    rebuilt forks
    new perches/levers
    newer clutch (mechanic said it looked brand new)
    newer sprockets
    new o-ring chain
    new turn signal switch
    new grips
    rebuilt petcock
    cleaned/synched carbs
    new brake pads
    newer tires (less than 1k miles)
    new battery
    Invoice for mechanic work available, it's 3 pages long

    Bike is in Boise/Horseshoe Bend
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    my bike

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    No bites in the fall (duh), still up for sale, $2,300. I just got married, think the money should go into a ATV so the wifey and I can explore the hills around home (I have a xr500).