8th Street After Work

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  1. His name is Sherman Fletcher. Nice, healthy trees through there before his stupid move. :angry7:

    Thought it was cleared....bout wadded it when I came around hot! HA! Needs a saw or more than one guy.
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  3. Cops walk, especially back then. Bower and the pussy AG at the time let him go. Left the area, so I heard. Good choice. People have gotten used to it but the tree line used to be at least a half mile below where it is now. I'd have hung him by his nuts! Oh, I was working. Crazy.
  4. I ran into this on Sunday, took the girlfriend for a ride. She was on our 98 Yamaha Timberwolf 2wd, stood her up pretty good getting it up over the log, was a great time!
  5. Saw you in the lot. We were loading up while you waited for your gf. Welcome to BRN!

    Is it all the way gone yet?
  6. Mostly gone, I stopped to see if I could move it but it is way too big! Broke off a couple chunks that could easily spear a tire. Haven't been up there since, was going to take my saw and cut it out of the way... but I am guessing it is gone by now. Pretty easy to get over/around on a bike now.

    Were you with the guy and girl who ran out of gas up top on the ridge road? Nice folks, BS'd for a couple mins about our bikes. Have to catch up for a ride. Mostly free on weekends and evenings after 6. Thanks for the welcome!
  7. No, I was on the plated B/W KTM and my buddy was on the WR. He loaded up in the GMC.
  8. Tree down in the usual spot on 6. Go left from the 8th side. Right from the 4 side.
  9. Anyone riding 8th or Idaho City tomorrow morning? I would like to join in if possible and I know both areas.
  10. Ill be heading up monday after work around 330 if anyone wishes to join. Im hoping to maybe do a little bit more exploring and seeing what little side trails I can find. However last time I did that I almost died as I went down a trail that was a little bit beyond my skill level
  11. Who was in the ambulance headed down around 9 last night? Hope they are alright!
  12. Yikes that doesn't sound good....
  13. Weird, there were a couple trucks still left in the lot but no bikes in them and I saw nobody out on my rip. Could have been a MB or hiker. May have even been from the last house, I saw it below that.
  14. Awesome rip in the storm yesterday. Tree down on 6 another one in the road on CC. Headed up in an hour or so to hit the one on 6. I'm sure someone will be hitting the BIG one on CC for fire wood. You can get around it though. Who's up for some work and then a tacky rip?
  15. I'll probably be down there around 6:30 tonight.
  16. Its open.

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  17. Back side is clear with the exception of one you can get around on Gardiner near the intersection with the RR. Was still a little moisture back there yesterday. Great rip!
  18. Ran a big loop out Blacks Creek to Prairie to check out the fires around the South Fork. Came up over to the Middle Fork and took Cottonwood Creek to Thorn Creek (nice rock garden in the creek bed). Shot over to Clear Creek and Robie and back up over Rocky Canyon (140 miles!). A lot of trees came down in last week's storm. All of them were cleared. Saw a few big birds up there!

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