3/18 Dual Sport Owyhees

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  1. We'll be riding in the Owyhees west of Hwy. 95. Riding out to Succor Creek and maybe Leslie Gulch. Easy-going FS roads and dirt roads. 75-100 miles if we don't get lost.
    We truck our bikes and park in the parking lot of the truck weigh station on Hwy. 95 & Sommer Camp rd. It's about 8 miles south of Marsing. Let's meet Saturday morning at 10:00.
  2. There will be a few places that will not be easy-going roads. Not real challenging but if you do not have some off road experience it may be a bit intimidating. Like the road droping into Succor creek and across Succor creek is a good climb (the road where someone smashed their new BMW case into a rock and the rock won).

  3. Good ride guys! The roads were dry except for stream crossings and a giant mud bog. An occasional drizzle but otherwise a perfect riding day.
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  5. Fun ride except for the mud bog I found myself in the middle of.......
    Now with all this rain it will be longer yet for it to dry out. :(