*****2nd Italian Motorcycle Night & Ride*****

Discussion in 'Meetups' started by forever2wheels, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. Howdy all!
    Since the last one was such a huge success we are doing it again!
    We will be meeting at MonsterParts (1030 S. La Pointe St) at 3p and riding the Horshoebend/Emmett Loop and then meeting back up at Ann Morrison for food and to admire the Italian Bikes. It will be a chill/relaxed ride!!
    Of course all bikes are welcome!
    Hope to see you all there!!
    Sponsored by www.monsterparts.com

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  2. Awesome! Thanks! I had a good time at the first one, glad you are putting these on! Thanks! Hope to see you there again!

  3. Thanks. I put it on the calendar.
  4. Might actually make this one...
  5. Bummer headed south for the winter :woohoo: would of liked to check this out.
  6. The first event went well. It was good to see Boise's Stile Italiano.
  7. Sad to say,but I will probably not be able to make this one.
  8. yeah, i might be camping off the DR that weekend, sorry can't make it
  9. I'll try and make this. It's been awhile since the old girl has got to hang out with her Italian friends. :)
  10. It may be a bit of a chilly ride but the weather is supposed to hold out and its still supposed to be sunny! For those of you who can't make it you will be missed, but it should be a great event and a we're hoping for a great turnout! Last one for the year but we'll do another in the spring!
  11. DR broke, no camping. I might come by and say HI, lol plans change with me on an hourly basis!
  12. ^ So, you're fickle - or popular?

  13. Adventure is good! :)
    See you all tommorrow!!
  14. Thanks guys - hope to do the whole ride next time.