2006 125cc Pit bike :SOLD:

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  1. 2006 Pitster pro pit bike for sale! It is a 125cc pit bike, and is a lot of fun to ride. It will easily handle a 250 pound rider according to the web site. I am 170 in riding gear, and I can do alot with it. I have only had it out a few times, but I need a full size bike again.

    It has yellow plastic on it and a -1 tooth sprocket on the front. The original red plastic and sprocket will go with it too. I run Amsoil in it, and it is ready to go!!! New it is $1,700. I would like $1,200. Call Jimi at 587-1627 if you have any questions!

    Will deliver around Mtn. Home and Boise.

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    Still have it guys. It is a lot of fun, I just need the room and money for a new full size dirt bike. Make you a deal................ :angel:

  3. 2006 Pitster Pro for sale

    I got my new 2006 YZ250F so now I REALLY dont need my pitster anymore. These are over $2K, will deliver for $1,400 if you are not too far away.
  4. 2006 Pitster Pro for sale

    OK $1,200 with two sets of plastic and two front sprockets............

    Here is the red and you have already seen the Yellow......
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    Come on guys, there has to be one of you or a friend that wants a sweet pitbike!!!!!!!!!
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    I really wish I could afford it but I just blew everything I had on a full size. I honestly can't believe that someone hasn't grabbed it yet though.
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    $850. Anyone? I thought these things were supposed to be the next big thing. Affordible fun bikes. Not in Idaho I guess. Has anyone seen any other ones around? I cant be the only one.............
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    I want one I Just cant afford it (there you got some feed back) :joke: :2cents:
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    $750 and I deliver........... I cant believe these did not catch on. Oh well, impulse buy on my half. Thats what happens :banghead:
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    If i could sell mine for 350 I would be all over that! I have the Honda 70cc BooKoo pitbike
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    I wish I had the money I really like the red.