2004 R6 For Sale *SOLD*

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  1. *** SOLD ***

    2004 Yamaha R6;
    This bike has seen one 30 min. session at a local trackday.

    Sharkskins Race Fairings (brand new unpainted)
    Dzus Fasteners
    FMF Pipe (Slip-on)
    Galfer Steel Braided Lines (Front and Back)
    Vortex Race Stay Bracket
    Vortex Case Covers (both)
    Vortex Adjustable Rearsets
    Clutch Slider
    Frame Sliders
    Carbon Fiber Hugger
    DID ERV-3 520 Chain
    AFAM Sprockets
    Scott's Rotary Damper
    Dynojet PCIII
    Pilot Powers 2CT
    Salvage Certificate
    6445 miles

    Offered at $4099 obo

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    Re: 2004 R6 For Sale

    Very sweet bike. I wish I needed a bike right now. With all of the goodies already on the bike its a HUGE savings to anyone wanting to get a VERY good track bike. With the miracle of ebay, it would be pretty cheap to have it street legal too.

  3. Re: 2004 R6 For Sale *Price Lowered*

    Price Lowered; $4099...
  4. Re: 2004 R6 For Sale *Price Lowered*

    Interested but concerned about frame,sub,and wheels do you have anything showing they are straight after whatever led to the salvage title?
  5. Re: 2004 R6 For Sale *Price Lowered*

    Everything is 100% staright. Bike was involved in a lowside that wrecked the oem fairings. Insurance company salvaged it. This bike can be registered on the street. Let me know if you are still interested. I'm willing to drive north a bit to meet you.
  6. Glad you were able to sell it, it was a nice looking bike