2004 GSX-R600 on ebay (Local)

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Hozhead, Aug 15, 2006.

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  2. The renthal sprocket has been geared down 4 teeth, so it has less miles than the speedometer says.

    doesnt that mean it would have MORE miles than it actually says? Or does he mean its been geared "up" 4 teeth..... cause if you have less teeth in the rear, your going faster than what your speedo says... if youve got more teeth in the rear, your going slower than what your speedo says....... right?

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    Yup, you're right. I think he mis-typed and he meant to say that he went up 4 teeth. Also, looking at the pipe it's missing the hanger and I believe that's the pipe to the anniversary edition GSXR which is not yellow. I wounder if the bike was dropped.
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    Moot point since it ended long ago.
  5. I believe this bike is still for sale and in twin falls. Over at "Wreckless Racing" trying to be sold. Me, Eli (*Rookie*) actually looked at it and it has problems, missing pieces, missing bolts, missing mirrors, missing lights and looks like it has been layed over once or twice and has a big ol' dent in the pipe.
    So I actually meet the kid that owns it at a party and he saw my bike and was trying to convince me that he has this 750 gsxr that he is trying to sell... well after some talking i find out it is the same POS that we were looking at. He refused to admit that it had been laid over when it apparently had, i ended up telling him off and left :)
    Figured out that it was the same bike on here is because he stated he was from caldwell originally and is now in twin going to csi... its the same and a lemon! :p
  6. I agree with Hoard! the bike would be a good fixer up.. but i would not pay a high price for it.. Kid who owned it must have been trying to stunt before his time.. alot of damage.. but what do i know :squid: