2003 Ninja 636 Stolen in Boise area

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Hozhead, Sep 18, 2006.

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    I saw this on Craigslist tonight and wanted everyone to be aware in case you see or hear anything.


  2. thats crazy...i live kinda downtown..and i guess i never thought bike theft was that bad here compared to vegas..hmmmm maybe i should start using my friends garage.... :dunno:

  3. Speaking of bike thefts, I frequent another forum called www.triumph675.net which had an interesting post: http://www.triumph675.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=5065

    What struck me odd was: "The side door opened, two fuckers jumped out and grabbed that bike and simply threw it in, closed the door and drove off.". This was a brand new Busa man.. that would have been fucking heavy as shit with only two guys. To lift the bike at least 2 feet of the ground to clear the fan door...
  4. I wonder if 636 guy considered going back to the seller and checking him out. Little to coincidental for me( the time frame that is) Perhaps seller layed bike over and hatched this scheme to get it repaired!
  6. dido
  7. Hey guys. Its nice to see that there are some good people and that you were all keeping an eye out for my bike. My bike was thankfully found in Oklahoma while a drug raid was being performed on a house. So I now have my beauty back. Thank god the stupid people did not part out the whole bike.
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    Dude, that's one hell of a coincidence that you're on here now!
  9. wow congrats on getting it back. im still waiting to get mine back
  10. Talking about bikes being stolen, someone broke into my garage and stole my dirt bike and gear bag back in March. Good thing I had it insured, so they covered the bike and all my gear. :fiddy:
  11. well since i have no garage...I'm tempted to start locking mine to my car lol
  12. You should do something, I put my dirt bike in my house now. :laughing: She's got her own little room.
  13. haha..>i was tempted to bring it inside during the winter...but my house isn't big enough...might ride it to Dietrich and put it in my dads Garage over winter....
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    Yup get a lock especially if you leave it outside. When I was a senior in high school I used to leave my bike parked in the street and one night while I was watching Saturday Night Live I hear a crash in the front yard , looked out and saw two guys putting my bike in the back of their truck. Without thinking I ran out there and started yelling and they dropped it and took off. Of course I only lived 30 minutes from Oakland but we have thieves in Idaho too.
  15. I have a bike lock...but nothing really to strap it to around here....hmmm
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    What about that pole I see in the background of your avatar?
  17. I live in a different place now other wise yep thats what i use to use.
  18. Get a piece of carpet and roll your bike into your apartment.. if I were you Niki... so what if your place is small it is better then getting stolen!! Or we have room at our house if you wanna bring it to our house..
  19. I take it to work with me every day...if I'm out of town i leave it at Jeremy's. I should just start locking it to my car at least while I'm still using it.
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    Hopefully she doesn't live on the second or third floor.