1st Annual Green Knights Vets Ride for the Mission

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  1. 1st Annual Green Knights Vets Ride for the Mission.

    Good Day,

    Hopefully everyone is enjoying your spring so far. Just want to drop a line here to let everyone know that my club is taking over the Boise Rescue mission and Vets program liaison position with the motorcycle community. June 20th we will be hosting our 1st annual ride that involved games, auctions and of course motorcycles!
    We're almost finishing up with details but want to make sure it gets put out here to let you guys know a head of time. This is where you can sign up: http://www.boiserm.org/events/
    If you want more information for our club: skullbangers119.wix.com/home
    Anyone question, let me know and I can answer them for you.
  2. Update. We will be having a grand prize of the high low of a new grill. Haven't seen it yet but the worth is over 500 dollars. Also the route will be High Desert, Quinns, Old Chicago at the mall, crooked fence on hwy 16, cycle addiction, then victors hogs and horns. Pre register will nab you a text shirt. We have a couple spots left so get in now to secure it. Reeves (sp) will be auctioning a $300 blade as well.