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Discussion in 'Videos' started by 1ce, Sep 25, 2006.

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  2. :dblthumb: getting good keep up the work 1ce, thanks for the post.

  3. For some reason when i try to edit a post that i posted, it wont update. Dnt know if its just my web browser but ya, heres my video from Saturday 9/30/06.

    Video has me doing some of best wheelies, and riding side-by-side with nick, while he's doing a standup wheelie!

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    Wow, those wheelies are really looking good. I'm rather impressed. What was the song in there? I'm diggin' the tunes (and the cat!!!)
  5. I seriously laughed for an hour after watching tht cat. I"ve actuallly the BP a couple times that evening. Felt good but one time i felt it get a little wabbly. So my goal is to be able to get my wheelies to stay up just a little bit longer. Then i'm going to work on shifting and possibly standups.

    The song on that video is: Tomorrow by SR-71
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    I made this thread a Sticky so that 1ce can continue updating it with his latest video links.
  7. Thx Hoz! That'll make it a lil easier.

    This isn't a riding video, but its a video that i took of myself flying from Caldwell to Mt. Home and back to boise. It was taken with my cell phone so quality sucks but its the only footage i got with me flying.


    This link is of the window shattering as most of you already seen. Its actually got a couple "honors" by youtube.com. Something about one of the most watched videos of the day.

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    Ok, a couple of things come to mind..

    1) I am never going to ride with 1ce if he is going to screw around with his camera phone while fliying...

    2) We should all chip in and get him a really nice camera, cause he has cinematalent....

    Nice job 1ce!
  9. 1) Ya i technically i shouldn't really b, but under the conditions i found it reasonable.
    2) Thx but i'm was looking for a cheap (new) camera for around a $100, but i've got a buddy thats a manager in a pawn shop that is keeping an eye out for a nice expensive camera that he could sell to me for $100 bucks! :angel: But i wont stop u from buyin me a camera...that i'll have 2 diff angles :dblthumb:
  10. Hey Kevin, what are you using to edit with? ie: what software?
    Also what is your video source? ie: DV, DVD, analog or digital?
  11. As of right now i'm using PowerDirector 5 premium, i used Ulead video editor 10 and Windows Movie maker for most of my movies. I think this Powerdirect is going to be the one that i actually "buy" tho.
    B4 i had to convert the movies that i took with the digital camera from .mov to .avi. But the powerdirect is the only software that does it auotmatically or so tht i found. So i guess you could say its digital.
  12. Oh shoot man! For windows machines Premiere is where it's at! All kinds of plug-ins, effects, fast, real-time, encore dvd and after effects help too.

    http://www.adobe.com/products/premiere/ Try it out... you'll love it!

    As for the source being digital, it all depends on your video camera, if it uses DV tapes, its digital. Once its on your PC its "digital" but that doesnt mean the quality is true digital quality.

    Let me know if you have any questions.
  13. HA! Ya looks like a good editing software....well it better be for $839!!! If i was in to editing, like for a profession, then i might but, just playing around, i'll pass. thx tho, i'll check out the trial version
  14. Well that is true... for personal, occasional use, it's not worth that money...I just use the trial version; *coughalongwithacrack,soIhave full versioncough*
    It is a great program.
  15. I didnt say to buy it.... :)
  16. Cracks bad mmmkay. but not in this case. Its perfectly health. :angel:
  17. Well as some of you heard we're working on a "club" video. Mostly just a collection of everything i've got. Still haven't received any pix or flixs from you guys to add but then again i've only gotten 2 minutes into the video. With this new software that you guys recommended and with Hoard's helpful email :dblthumb: i've been trying to spend time (not as much as i'd like) to get familiar with the different effects and opitions. But happy with the progress and what i've done with the intro.

    Again --- NEED PIXS & VIDS
  18. I might have some raw footage... of me, eli and my buddy Ryan riding locally... I'll look to see if I have anything that we could throw in there?
  19. Tanman

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    There are lots of pix from this sites gallery that you can use from our group rides.
  20. Good thinkin Tanman!

    A couple pixs from the movie


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