05 R6 (Black) (SOLD)

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  1. 05 R6 Near perfect condition.

    7000 miles (right around there)
    Proton flushmounts
    Fender Elim
    Akra slipon
    AFAM/DID 520 conversion (-1/+2)
    Galpher SS front lines and HH pads
    Graves frame sliders

    7K negotiable

    Only reason I am selling is I may be getting a great deal on a newer bike from a friend of a friend. Many of the members of this board know my bike and can tell you how nice it is. I am the only owner, oil changes at 50 miles, 200 miles, 600, 1000, 3000, 5000, 7000. Switched to synthetic at 5000 mile change.

    Please tell your friends. If this isnt sold quick I will miss out on this other bike and won't be selling this one at all! I will post if my bike is off the market.

    208 571 4308
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    ??? Do you really want to start over?

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    Re: 05 R6 (Black)

    Wow, man! I can't believe you'd sell that bike? You're just getting everything setup the way you wanted.

    That must be a smoking deal you're looking at. I'll let everyone know about the sale though.
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    ???Dude, when did this happen? We hung out the entire weekend and you never mentioned this. Your bike is so slick I can't believe you're selling it with all the money you put into this bike. So I gotta know what bike you're gonna get. Knowing you it's an '06 R? because I know you want to eventually race the bike.
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    I'll talk to you about it tomorrow. This just came up today and if I don't get it sold I'll just keep the perfectly fine bike I have. 8)
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    added pics
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    Probably sold... gimme a call if your interested but it is likely sold tomorrow.
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    Re: 05 R6 (Black)


    Sweet '06 though! :dblthumb:
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    Pesticide, you'll never guess who's old bike I saw today ::)
    My friend from high school was in town, so I go over to his folks house to chat with him and this guy comes flyin down the road on a black R6 meeting up with my friend's little sister. I start chatting with him then realize that its your old bike. Young guy (17 or 18??), seemed like a nice guy though. He really wants to buy your PCIII. Just an FYI if you care. Small world eh?