02 r6

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  1. 2002 r6.....heres the list of mods
    yoshimura slip on rs3
    stage one jet kit
    530 chain conversion
    standard acceleration kit ( down one in the front and up two in the rear.)
    vortex frame sliders
    clear alternatives integrated turn signals
    front race brake pads (easy stoppies)
    custom plate bracket
    removed the big ol mud flap
    r6 grips
    23xxx miles ( most freeway miles cuz i rode to and from boise to middleton daily almost)
    new cdi box
    new rectifier regulator
    new fork seals
    new battery
    well maintained, no lies here the bike was bought to stunt but never made it that far really. its done some serious wheelies, a few stoppies, did some skitching, never laid her down though. the previous owner did once though. minor scratches on the left side on stator cover and plastics. on this bike i have seen a top speed of 173 but thats after the acceleration kit so it lowered the top end. the bike is great for wheelies, no clutchin up in 1st or 2nd necesarry here. third gear stand ups on the freeway are cake with this bike.
    will email pics to serious inquiries
    asking 4500 but listening to offers
    dont let this sik r6 slip away
    call jake at 440 2680 leave messages cuz i dont answer numbers i dont know
  2. Not to go against you but, dont the 600cc machines come with a 525 stock? I guess this is an 02... lol I dont know much about that stuff, I just ride till stuff breaks :eek:wned:

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    Yep, the 600's use a 525 chain and the 1000's use a 530 chain.
  4. thank you ^^^^^ yep stock 532 and went to a 530! i know what im talkin about people, thanks for the help though. i went with the 530 cuz of the strain put on the chain from riding hard. (clutchin up and what not)
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    I'm glad the difference between a 'sprocket conversion' and a 'chain size swap' is a pet peeve for you too.
  6. for real, some guy trying to tell me what i did to my bike and doesnt even know me! knowin exactly what the number means too is a fun question for the noobies! for all of you wondering, the number is tensel strength! higher =stronger not lighter! hense why the 520 is lighter but not stronger compared to a 530 which is stronger and not lighter!
  7. Didn't mean to hijack your thread just don't understand why someone would go from a 532 to a 530 chain? I'm assuming it was easier to find a 530 than a 532 when you did the sprocket swap. Didn't mean to cause drama. Come on Hoz....you know me. Anyway...free bump!
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    Back on track.... Got any pictures of the bike? Pictures help a lot with a sale.